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Lóret creates wooden jewels and paints on different materials such as wood, stone, rock, burlap, or clothes she found and re-uses like blinds. These materials are usually second hand goods out of respect for the environment.

Born in the region, she introduces herself as a multidisciplinary artist, who studied at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et du Textile in Roubaix, in the Visual Art division.

Her artistic approach is inspired by nature from an ecological framework and she campaigns for its protection. Her drawings are created by the repetition of pen strokes and curves. A work between delicacy and obsession, placed at the border of the abstract, where the design of roots becomes like a writing and then a narrative having multiple levels.

Her minimalistic work is characterised by a raw and automatic graphism which she realises with paintbrushes, ballpoint pens, marker, paints, inks, natural pigments, wood ashes, on linen, cotton or burlap, on marble cylinders or wooden cuts form different species.

Her universe is the burgeoning and moving world of plants, rhythmed by brushwood, paths, empty and full parts, black, white or a variety of brown… or colours inspired by the undergrowth. Disentangle the interlacing, feel the rugosity of a bark and find your way through her imaginary trees full of mystery.

Her jewels are created thanks to branches from different species of wood. They are cut and selected based on their shapes and flaws, drilled, sanded, hand-painted following the current fashion, and varnished. Each jewel is unique and part of a tiny collection. By realising her jewels on noble but imperfect materials , she plays with their flaws and lets her colourful art on their fragments witnessing life.

By using noble wood species like Cherry Tree, Plum Tree, Blackthorn, Aspen, Ash Tree, Wisteria, Lilac, Cherry-Plum Tree, Sumach, Butterfly-Bush, or Ginkgo-biloba, she leads to daydreaming. On tinier mediums, she manages to create relief thanks to an expressive graphism representing primary forests’ canopy or fallen tree trunks.

The nature-style jewel draws people’s gaze, it calls to simplicity. It allows an access to roots that anchor Lóret’s creations in a sober but precise aesthetic.

Her website is a showcase of her expertise. If you want more information on her work, please contact